Temple University's Center for Computational Mathematics and Modeling channels cross-disciplinary research in applied and computational mathematics, fosters the involvement of mathematics in science and engineering, and provides high-tech resources and laboratory components for mathematics research and education.

Core Faculty

Benjamin Seibold Isaac Klapper Gillian Queisser Daniel Szyld
  • Traffic flow modeling and simulation
  • High-order methods for PDE
  • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Bio-films
    • Fluid dynamics
    • Medical applications
      • Computational neuroscience
      • High-performance computing
      • Computer geometry
        • Numerical linear algebra
        • Numerical analysis
        • Parallel computing




          C2M2 Laboratory

          The C2M2 Lab provides high-tech practical resources for mathematics research and education, including: robotics platforms, 3d printing, and virtual reality.
          Lab wall Lab work area Lab 3d printer Lab robots VR system Lab robots student Lab programming Lab robot with hand Lab robot programming

          Students Conducting Research in Center

          HeeWon (Bella) YangHeeWon (Bella) Yang (undergraduate): Spring 2018 and Summer 2018
          Chau NguyenChau Nguyen (undergraduate): Summer 2018 and Fall 2018
          Stephan GreinStephan Grein (graduate): Summer 2018 - Spring 2019
          virtual reality
          Brian DavisBrian Davis (undergraduate): Summer 2018 - Spring 2019
          Jacob WellsJacob Wells (undergraduate): Summer 2018 - present
          virtual reality
          John StahlJohn Stahl (undergraduate): Fall 2018
          virtual reality
          Kshitiz MalhotraKshitiz Malhotra (undergraduate): Spring 2019
          3D printing
          Ahmad SaadAhmad Saad (undergraduate): Spring 2019
          Liam ChambersLiam Chambers (undergraduate): Spring 2019
          3D printing
          Joshua FinkelsteinJoshua Finkelstein (graduate): Spring 2019 - present
          invasive species modeling
          Renee JohnsonRenee Johnson (undergraduate): Summer 2019 - present
          invasive species modeling
          Aidan LozaAidan Loza (undergraduate): Summer 2019 - present
          Najmeh SalehiNajmeh Salehi (graduate): Summer 2019 - present