Temple University's Center for Computational Mathematics and Modeling channels cross-disciplinary research in applied and computational mathematics, fosters the involvement of mathematics in science and engineering, and provides high-tech resources and laboratory components for mathematics research and education.

Core Faculty

Benjamin Seibold Isaac Klapper Gillian Queisser Daniel Szyld
  • Traffic flow modeling and simulation
  • High-order methods for PDE
  • Computational fluid dynamics
    • Bio-films
    • Fluid dynamics
    • Medical applications
      • Computational neuroscience
      • High-performance computing
      • Computer geometry
        • Numerical linear algebra
        • Numerical analysis
        • Parallel computing




          C2M2 Laboratory

          The C2M2 Lab provides high-tech practical resources for mathematics research and education, including: robotics platforms, 3d printing, and virtual reality.
          Lab wall Lab work area Lab 3d printer Lab robots